Sunday, February 6, 2011

Register Now for Feb - March Hot Glass Classes

 We want to work within your schedule so start times can be set from 10am-8pm.  Click the registration link below to get started!

Basic class info:

Learn from an instructor the tools and techniques used in creating handmade glass. We will concentrate on safety and becoming comfortable with handling the glass. In the beginning, the student will learn the basics of forming glass by concentrating on producing paperweights.  Also, in the students first class there will be a group piece made that will highlight the team aspect of blowing glass
. In your second class we will transition into the blown form.

All glass and tools will be provided. The student will be able to keep all work produced once it has gone through the post production process.

Prerequisite: None
Class size is one to two students with a 2 hour minimum.
One student is $40.00 an hour.
Two students is $60.00 an hour.
Some things to bring with you for the class

-Wear cotton clothing, synthetics will burn/melt. Closed toe shoes, sandals are not recommended.
-Bring a pair of old cotton tube socks. We will be cutting off the end and using them as sleeves to help keep the heat away.
-If you have UV rated safety glasses bring them, sunglasses don't count, #3 welding glasses will work as well. If not, eye protection will be provided for
the class.
-Water or drink of some kind, glass is hot and can dehydrate you. There is a water cooler available with cups.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing some glass. 

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