Friday, April 1, 2011

Marble City Mentioned: Steampunk Style: Etsy Find Friday

Chris Szaton's one of a kind Remade 1- Steampunk Anatomy was featured today By Diana Cook at

Steampunk Style: Etsy Find Friday

By Diana Cook
DC040111 5 Steampunk Style: Etsy Find Friday
Pseudo-Victorian mechanical aesthetic of Steampunk seems especially well suited to the community of individual artisans that make up the etsy.  We looked around the crafter’s site and pulled nine of our favorite steam inspired items to make up this week’s Etsy Find Friday. Behold the coolest Steampunk finds on Etsy this week:

  • Vidalia Von Strouse the SteamPunk Monster $80 – via etsy
  • Steampunk Anatomy Glass Spine $1,500 – via etsy
  • Industrial Compact Pendant Chandelier $1,599 via etsy
  • Modern Steampunk Clock $190 – via etsy
  • Steampunk Kabuto Mushi Robot Sculpture $500 -  via etsy
  • Steampunk Gas Mask $350 – via etsy
  • Steampunk 8GB USB Flash Drive $92 – via etsy
  • Brass Mad Scientist Steampunk Goggles $149 – via etsy
  • Victorian Style IBM Clicky Keyboard $499 – via etsy

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