Monday, June 18, 2012

Remade 2: Prosthesis by Chris Szaton

Remade 2: Prosthesis is created from recycled metal, scavenged parts and hot sculpted glass up-cycled into the sublime. Remade 2 sculpture continues a thesis of the human condition in Chris Szaton's mixed media series known as Steam Punk Anatomy. In this series, Szaton uses Victorian and Art Deco frameworks, to explore complex and nuanced philosophical beliefs regarding the combination of organic and inorganic forms.

"The juxtaposition of steel, one of the hardest and most durable compounds on the earth, with the obvious brittleness of glass brings about questions I have. Is the fragility of the human condition meant to be tampered with? Are we meant to live longer than our bodies will let us? I do not yet know the answers."

Chris Szaton
Resident Artist
Marble City Glassworks

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Beverly Szaton said...

This is such a neat piece. Am waiting for the brain. Can use it.
Love this series, it is so elegant.