Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Welcome LivingSocial Visitors

Hello and thank you for visiting!

We have partnered with LivingSocial to bring you some exciting interactive experiences that you will really will enjoy.

Ornament Blowing Event

First, every Friday for 7 weeks, you can sign up to blow your own ornament! You and a group will participate in the intricate process of creating your own holiday decoration you get to keep. It's fun, fast paced, and something you will never forget.

If you have purchased a voucher for one our ornament blowing events, please visit here to register and enter your voucher number.

Glassblowing Classes

Then, we are also offering a special on individual classes.  For two hours once a week, on your schedule, our experienced glassblowers will teach you, one on one, the basics of working with molten glass. Our artists will guide you though the steps as you hand make your own unique piece of art glass that you get to keep.  These vouchers are for beginning hotworking classes for one, but if you wish to have someone take the class with you feel free to add another person to the class roster for an additional fee.

If you have purchased a voucher for a glassblowing class, please visit here to register and enter your voucher number.


Check the Studio Calendar  to see if the studio is already booked. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Safety Information
Safety is always a concern when working around hot glass.
If you have long hair it should be put up and out of the way. Cotton clothing is a must; synthetics melt and that's no fun. Safety glasses are available upon request, UV rated safety glasses are recommended, no sunglasses. 

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